Fàra – Sicilian Summer

Fàra – Sicilian Summer
16 April 2020 Antonio Alessandria

In Sicily, since time immemorial, heat is an absolute ruler that none of the countless dominations on the island has been able to conquer.

During summer, the sun and the wind coming from the nearby African desert are so extreme that everyone could feel intoxicated. In the central hours of the day cities seem dead, lifeless. Men have always tried to combat this oppressive heat by remedies that could offer comfort. In the eighteenth century, the architects proposed to their noble clients the construction of the legendary rooms of the Sirocco, underground caves built near an aquifer where they could shelter and find comfort. Unfortunately for ordinary people, forced to expose themselves to torrid temperatures and to the “fàra” – the heat of the hottest hours in Sicilian dialect – there were, and still there are, some oases where they get refreshed: the “cioschi“. These are small places, often in the middle of public squares, serving refreshing drinks based on sparkling water, lemon juice, syrups mainly flavoured with citrus, mint and salt.

The seventh fragrance created by Antonio Alessandria for his eponymous brand is called Fàra, like the heat that drives men to quicken to find refreshment with a drink at the “cioschi”. Their great thirst could be satisfied only by drinking eagerly, almost all in one swallow. The cold drink refreshes the body internally, but also flows on warm skin, giving refreshment even externally. The drink, evaporating from the skin, takes on new life and exhales a silent and insinuating sensuality. The smell of citrus, mint and salt blends with that of the skin, evoking torrid and elegantly murky atmospheres.

Fàra opens up on a citrus chord where lemon, bergamot and finger lime take the stage. The glacial note of peppermint acts as a counterpoint to liquid and sparkling citrus. In the heart a hint of floral notes, magnolia petals beaded by drops of water, lets the sensual note of cumin bloom. In the base the dry note of cedarwood evokes the aridity of Sicily during summer; in a discreet and silent way a subtle whiff of incense creeps in, suggesting the mystery of a desert land where a human presence is only perceived. Musky notes celebrate the ultimate wedding between the smell of the cocktail and the skin.