• The new fragrance: Fleurs Et Flammes

    Every year, in mid-July, in the neighborhood where I was born a feast is organized. According to an old saying, this is considered to be the hottest time of the year in town. When I was a child, on the day of the feast, early in the morning, I used to go to the market with my father to buy some flowers. After,

  • Diptyque the art of wax

    Diptyque is a French brand renowned for scented candles, but also for lots of perfumery products. It was founded by Desmond Knox-Leet, Yves Coueslant and Christiane Gautrot, three friends coming from the world of architecture and decoration. They started in the early 60’s with a boutique, a sort of bazaar, situated in Paris, in Boulevard St. Germain, where they used

  • Olivier Durbano – Interview

    Olivier Durbano A French architect in love with stones. Olivier Durbano is the creator behind the brand Olivier Durbano Parfums de Pierres Poèmes. He is a French architect in love with stones. He has chosen to talk about his passion with the language of fragrances. His range is composed by ten fragrances, everyone dedicated to a stone, real or imaginary.

  • What’s a perfume?

    What’s a perfume? What does it mean EDT or EDP? Lots of people use fragrances in everyday life, but they don’t know what’s inside a bottle. A perfume is a mixture of: a compound of natural and chemical products; denatured alcohol; water; colorants or other additives (facultative). The compound is the base that actually gives fragrance to the perfume. The

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  • Winter mood

    Autumn is here…winter is coming. The days have been turning shorter, temperature is going slowly down and we live more in the dark. It happens to wake up during the night and to hear the sound of the rain in the silence. But, how does cold smell? Definitely not fresh. It smells like cold colours (blue, grey…), like something metallic

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  • Artistic perfumery and niche fragrances

    When many years ago I approached the world of artistic perfumery, I came across an expression: niche fragrances. It was a word that I liked, because it carries a flavor of distinction, of opposition to the mass. But today, thanks to my experience and to the training that I followed, this expression has started annoying me. As a matter of

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  • Edmond Roudnitska

    Edmond Roudnitska A legend in the world of perfumery Probably the name of Edmond Rodnitska doesn’t sound familiar to everyone, but I think that everyone knows, at least by name, Eau Sauvage or Diorissimo. Edmond Roudnistka is the man that has survived his death composing such masterpieces. He was a great perfumer and also a refined thinker. He wrote some

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