Éperdument – The Brides’s ship

Éperdument – The Brides’s ship
15 April 2020 Antonio Alessandria

In the first half of the 20th century, in the south of Italy, the phenomenon of proxy marriages was very common. A young woman used to be promised to marry an older unknown man living as an emigrant in search of fortune in distant lands. Groups of young women were herded all together on a ship towards an unknown country, torn from their homeland and their families. Often marriages were celebrated immediately at the port of arrival.

The fifth fragrance composed by Antonio Alessandria for his eponymous brand, Éperdument, tells the story of one of these young brides who leaves her beloved family and her land, her unique heritage, to meet a stranger, much older than her. However, she’s a lucky woman because she finds the love of her life.

Years later, her old husband dies leaving a great void in her heart, similar to that felt when, just more than a child, she was forced to leave her land. To soothe her pain, she decides to organize a trip back to her country of origin. Returning, in the old way, by sea, this mature woman will be welcomed by the same lost smells and colors of her mother land.

Éperdument is an olfactive flashback, it’s the smell of this touching reunion. It’s a fragrance that talks about boundless love, lost and found. A collection of sweet and deep emotions, delicate and magnificent at the same time.


Fragrance Pyramid

Top Notes: Green and hesperidic notes, wild fennel, marine and ozonic notes.

Middle Notes: Orange blossom, jasmin, honeysuckle, lily of the valley.

Base Notes: Soft woods, musky and ambery notes