Winter mood

Winter mood
6 August 2015 adddesign

Autumn is here…winter is coming. The days have been turning shorter, temperature is going slowly down and we live more in the dark. It happens to wake up during the night and to hear the sound of the rain in the silence.

But, how does cold smell? Definitely not fresh. It smells like cold colours (blue, grey…), like something metallic and distant. But if we think about a winter atmosphere we can affirm that it could also smell like smoke and fireplaces, roasted chestnuts, cookies and tea. And sometimes, perhaps, like snow.

But it’s true: winter isn’t a time of the year that pampers the nose. In fact, it’s the season in which the nature offers less scents, and moreover, thanks to the cold temperatures and dry air, we also smell less. So it’s normal that in this period of the year we’re especially hungry for smells. Sometimes we need to drink or to eat something warm to have a comfort sensation. Similarly in these days we need cuddly feelings, a sense of protection and lot of warmth. This needs surely reflect in our fragrance choice: we need to leave the solar hesperidic perfumes, the sparkling fresh florals and we prefer to wear something soft, comfortable, warm and cocooning!

And our favourite fragrance brands every year in this period reserve for us always beautiful surprise. So…stay tuned! And remember: even a perfume can put us in good spirits!