Diptyque the art of wax

Diptyque the art of wax
6 August 2015 adddesign

Diptyque is a French brand renowned for scented candles, but also for lots of perfumery products. It was founded by Desmond Knox-Leet, Yves Coueslant and Christiane Gautrot, three friends coming from the world of architecture and decoration. They started in the early 60’s with a boutique, a sort of bazaar, situated in Paris, in Boulevard St. Germain, where they used to sell fabrics and strange objects coming from their journeys. They launched their first  scented candle in 1963: Aubepine. Since then, they started to create a wide range of scents evoking journeys, memories, landscapes and intimate atmospheres.

Nowadays the image of a Diptyque scented candle is immediately recognizable with their black and white oval label with letters distributed in a sort of disorder.

But a huge savoir-faire lies behind each candle: vegetable wax, cotton wick and high-quality essential oils.

Light your favorite Diptyque scented candle, close your eyes, open your mind and let the journey begin…