Fleurs Et Flammes – Midsummer Feast

Fleurs Et Flammes – Midsummer Feast
28 September 2015 webmaster

Every year, in mid-July, in the neighborhood where I was born a feast is organized. According to an old saying, this is considered to be the hottest time of the year in town.
When I was a child, on the day of the feast, early in the morning, I used to go to the market with my father to buy some flowers. After, at home, we cut the stems and we kept the flowers in a small room. Late in the afternoon, when the festive procession was in the street, we used to offer the flowers throwing them from the balcony.
Many guests used to come at home to attend the feast and they were welcomed with a refreshing glass of almond milk.
Late at night we used to wait for the final fireworks.

After the feast, in my childhood dreams, flowers turned into flames and the pungent smell of fireworks was merged with the scent of flowers kept in the shade while the sun was burning outside.

Antonio Alessandria

Top notes: bergamot, citrus, summer fruits, galbanum, green and mineral notes.
Middle notes: carnation, rose, lily, white flowers.
Base notes: soft woods, almond milk effect, musk.